PAC-Bayesian Domain Adaption Bounds

[UAI'22 - Best Paper Award], [Findings'22]

  • PAC-Bayesian domain adaptation bounds for multiclass learners

  • Domain adaptation bound for domain shift in discourse parsing

  • Allows a non-uniform sample complexity with no sampling

  • Large-scale empirical analyses on CV and NLP datasets

Domain Generalization/Adaptation

[UAI'22], [IJCAI'22], [Findings'22], [arXiv'21], [ISBI'21]

  • Domain generalization on CV, NLP, and medical imaging problems

Brain Lesion Segmentation

[ISBI'22a], [ISBI'22b]

  • White matter hyperintensity (WMH) segmentation

  • Brain lesion detection under domain shift in multi-site neuroimaging datasets

Multi-site Neuroimaging Data Harmonization

[biorxiv'22], [NeuroImage'21], [ICCV-W'21], [arXiv'21], [ISBI'21]

  • Harmonize multi-site/scanner neuroimaging data

PAC-Bayesian Performance Guarantee


  • Non-vacuous performance guarantee on skin cancer detection

Large-scale Video Analysis


  • Large-scale video annotation on YouTube-8M